Best Entry-Level Turntables (Affordable Record Players) 2023

It’s best to buy a decent quality record player when you’re just starting out. You don’t want to spend too much money on something that will only last for a few years, but at the same time you don’t want to be stuck with an old piece of junk either. My first recommendation is to buy a turntable and a cartridge combo. Then, if you want to spend some extra cash, go for a high-end preamplifier or phono stage.

The next thing I’d recommend is getting a high-quality preamplifier or phono amp. These are used to convert your records into audio signals which your amplifier can handle. If you have a budget of $500-$1000 this should cover everything you need.

The third thing I would suggest is not going cheap on the speakers. A pair of decent speakers will sound better than any amp/preamp combo.

The fourth thing I would suggest is finding a good deal on a power supply. Your amplifier needs a stable source of electricity to work properly.

Let us discuss each of these things in detail below.

Best Entry Level Record Player

Audio-Technica AT-LP120USB-BK Direct-Drive Turntable (Analog & USB), Fully Manual, Hi-Fi, 3 Speed, Convert Vinyl to Digital, Anti-Skate and Variable Pitch Control Black

This is one of the best entry level record players available today. It has a direct drive system which means it does not use belts or gears to move the platter. Instead it uses a motorized arm to spin the platter directly. This makes the whole process smoother and quieter.

It has an integrated USB port so you can quickly connect your portable device to the turntable and play music directly from it. It even has a built-in 3.5mm audio jack so you can use headphones when listening to music on your computer. It has an anti-skipping mechanism which prevents the needle from skimming across the groove.

If you’re planning on using an MP3 player for listening to music, you may want to consider purchasing one with a built-in tuner. It allows you to change the pitch without having to use a separate device.

DIGITNOW High Fidelity Belt Drive Turntable, Vinyl Record Player with Magnetic Cartridge, Convert Vinyl to Digital, Variable Pitch Control & Anti-Skate Control

This is a great little record player. It has all the features you’ll ever need and it comes with a belt drive turntable. This means there is no need for a motor inside the unit so it’s very quiet.

It also comes with a magnetic cartridge which makes it easy to change cartridges. It also has variable pitch control which allows you to adjust the speed of the needle as well as anti-skating controls. All of these features make this one of the best entry level record players available today.

Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable, Black, Hi-Fi, 2 Speed, Dust Cover, Anti-Resonance, Die-Cast Aluminum Platter

This is another great little record player. Like the DIGITNOW above, it has a belt drive turntable which means it’s very quiet. It also has a magnetic cartridge which makes changing cartridges easier.

It also has a two speed motor which lets you play both 33 1/3 rpm and 45 rpm records. It also has an automatic tracking system which keeps the needle centered over the grooves.

All of these features make this a great choice for someone who wants a simple yet high quality record player.

Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK Fully Automatic Bluetooth Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable, Black, Hi-Fi, 2 Speed, Dust Cover, Anti-Resonance, Die-cast Aluminum Platter

If you want a great Bluetooth record player that looks like a traditional record player then look no further. This is a great looking record player that plays your vinyl records wirelessly via Bluetooth technology.

It has a built-in speaker system which gives you excellent sound quality. It also has a dust cover which protects the platters from dust and dirt.

This is a great option if you are looking for a wireless record player that still looks like a traditional record player.

LP&No.1 Bluetooth Turntable Hi-fi System with Bookshelf Speakers, 3 Speed Vintage Belt-Drive Turntable with Wireless Playback & Auto-Stop & Bluetooth Input, Light Wood

The LP & NO.1 is one of the best record players on the market today. It has a ton of features including a three speed motor, anti resonance, auto stop, and more. The only thing missing is a remote control but we don’t think anyone would mind having to use their phone or tablet as a remote anyway.

Fluance RT85 Reference High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Record Player with Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge, Acrylic Platter, Speed Control Motor High Mass MDF Wood Plinth Vibration Isolation Feet – Piano White

The Fluance RT85 is a great turntable that comes with a ton of features. It has a solid mass mdf wood base which helps reduce vibration. It also has a speed control motor which allows you to adjust the speed of the motor depending on how fast you want to spin your records.

It also has an acrylic platter which will help protect your records. It also has a high mass mdf wood plinth which reduces vibrations.

This is a very good turntable that offers many options. It has a lot of great features including a speed control motor, acrylic platter, and a high mass mdf wooden plinth.

Beginner Turntable Guide:


You need to consider a number of different things when choosing a turntable. Because of its affordable price and versatility, the Audio Technica AT LP120 is an excellent choice for beginning audiophiles. Vinyl records can be played with all the convenience they have to provide.

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