The term “EP” (Extended Play) refers to a musical release that contains more tracks than a single but fewer than a full-length album. While no strict rule governs the number of songs an EP can have, most EPs typically feature 3–5 tracks. However, it is common for an EP to have 7 songs, as artistic expression and industry trends can influence the format.

EP vs. LP: Understanding the Difference:

An EP is a shorter collection of songs, while an LP (Long Play) is a full-length album. Historically, EPs were released on vinyl records with a shorter playing time than LPs. Nowadays, the distinction is less clear in the digital era, but the industry still considers EPs as shorter projects compared to LPs.

Factors Affecting the Number of Songs on an EP:

  • Artistic choice: Artists may decide to release a 7-song EP to showcase a specific style or theme that doesn’t warrant a full album.
  • Marketing strategy: A 7-song EP can generate buzz and maintain fan engagement without the pressure and resources required for an LP.
  • Budget constraints: Independent artists with limited budgets may opt for a 7-song EP as a more affordable option.

Statistics Data:

In recent years, the average number of tracks on an EP has increased due to streaming platforms’ influence. According to a study by the Music Business Association, the median track count for an EP in 2020 was 6 songs, up from 4 songs in 2015.

Tabular Columns: Popular EPs with 7 Songs

Artist EP Title Release Year
Kendrick Lamar “untitled unmastered.” 2016
Kanye West “ye” 2018
Pusha T “DAYTONA” 2018
Joji “In Tongues (Deluxe)” 2017

Resource Links:

  • Music Business Association study on EP track count:
  • Understanding EPs and LPs:


An EP can have 7 songs, as the number of tracks can be influenced by artistic choice, marketing strategy, and budget constraints. While most EPs traditionally feature 3 to 5 tracks, the average number of tracks on EPs has increased in recent years. Several popular artists have released 7-song EPs, demonstrating that there’s flexibility in the format. Ultimately, the decision on the number of songs on an EP depends on the artist’s vision and goals.