Denon DP-450USB Semi-Automatic Analog Turntable

The new Denon DP-450USB is the first semi-automatic analog turntable to feature USB output and direct mode operation. It is also the first model to offer two channels of playback. This unit features pure direct mode operation with no preamp or phono stage.

The DP-450USB offers a choice between three speed settings (33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM) and comes equipped with an automatic belt drive system that allows you to select any of these speeds without having to manually adjust the motor. A built-in tone arm provides smooth tracking and accurate pitch control. The DP-450USB has been designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Its sturdy construction includes a vibration-resistant design, heavy duty platter bearings, and a high quality tonearm. The DP-450USB is available in black only.

Features of Denon DP-450USB Turntable

  • Two Channel Playback: The DP-450USB can be used as a stereo player by connecting it to your computer via its USB port. You can play music files from your PC’s hard disk or record directly onto CDs using the included software. Two channel playback is possible when connected to a stereo amplifier via the RCA input jacks on the back panel.
  • Pure Direct Mode Operation: The DP-450USB operates in pure direct mode which eliminates the need for a separate preamplifier or phono stage. In addition, this unit does not require a power supply, making it ideal for portable applications such as car stereos, boomboxes, etc.
  • Automatic Belt Drive System: The DP-450USBS employs a unique automatic belt drive mechanism that automatically adjusts to different speeds. No manual adjustment is required. Simply connect the unit to your source device and start playing!
  • Built-In Tone Arm: The DP-450Usb incorporates a built-in tone arm that provides smooth tracking and accurate pitching.
  • Heavy Duty Platter Bearings: The DP-450 uses heavy duty ball bearing cartridges for the platters and cartridge stylus. These are made of stainless steel and have been specially selected for their durability.
  • High Quality Tonearm: The DP-450USB utilizes a top-quality tonearm that is constructed of aluminum and brass. The tonearm is mounted on a precision machined aluminum base plate that is attached to the chassis through four rubber damping pads.
  • Sturdy Construction: The DP-450USB is constructed of solid metal parts and is covered with a durable vinyl finish. All controls are located on the front panel so they are easy to access.
  • High Performance Parts: The DP-450USB features a high performance motor with a large diameter flywheel. The motor is capable of running at up to 33 1/3 rpm. The DP-450 also incorporates a powerful neodymium magnet and a high quality stylus.

FAQs – Denon DP-450USB Semi-Automatic Analog Turntable


The Denon DP-450USB is a great addition to any home or studio setup. Its compact size makes it perfect for mobile applications such as portable recording studios. With its direct mode operation, this model is ideal for those who wish to record directly from their favorite sources without using an external mixer or recorder. This model comes equipped with a built-in preamplifier and phono stage which make it a versatile solution for many different applications.

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