Yes, the Audio Technica AT-LP120 does have a built-in preamp. The turntable features a built-in switchable phono preamp, making connecting to various audio systems easy. In this response, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having a built-in preamp and the option to bypass it.

  1. Advantages of a Built-in Preamp
  2. Disadvantages of a Built-in Preamp
  3. Bypassing the Built-in Preamp

Advantages of a Built-in Preamp

Having a built-in preamp offers several advantages for users:

  • Easy connection: The built-in preamp makes it easy to connect to speakers, radios, or amps without phono input.
  • Small and easy to use: A built-in preamp eliminates the need for extra tools, saving room and making your setup easier.
  • Cost-effective: When a turntable has a built-in preamp, the user doesn’t have to buy a different one, which can be helpful for those on a budget.

Disadvantages of a Built-in Preamp

There are also some potential drawbacks to having a built-in preamp:

  • Sound quality: The built-in preamp in the AT-LP120 may not offer the same sound quality as higher-end external preamps, which can impact the overall audio performance.
  • Limited upgrade options: With a built-in preamp, you have limited options for upgrading or customizing your setup.
  • Getting around the built-in preamp: You can skip (Turn-Off) the built-in preamp on the Audio Technica AT-LP120 if you want to use an external phono preamp for better sound quality or to make changes. To do this, switch the “Phono/Line” option to the “Phono” setting on the turntable. This turns off the built-in preamp and lets you add an external preamp.


The Audio Technica AT-LP120 does have a built-in phono preamp that can be turned on or off. This is convenient, saves money, and makes it easy to link. But it might not have the same sound clarity as a separate processor. The built-in preamp can be bypassed on the turntable if the user wants to use an external component for better sound quality or personalization.