Fluance RT81 Elite High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Review 2023

This review is especially geared towards beginners, as we’re taking a look at the Fluance RT81 turntable – a model we would recommend to a novice who’s looking to get their feet wet in the wonderful world of vinyl records.

We would like to make you aware of several things before making a decision to purchase the RT81. We’ll understand everything you need to know once we’ve finished reading everything!

Fluance RT81 Review 2023

Design & Key Features:

Despite what you might think, the veneer isn’t real wood! There are 4 isolation feet beneath the MDF block. The RT80 has a felt mat (upgraded from the aluminum platter included in the RT80).

Here at the headquarters, we view the plastic tonearm as a negative factor. Although it may be more durable than other materials, it may not be as durable as some other materials. Its tracking abilities are also average because the bearings aren’t as smooth as we’d like them to be. It might be possible to adjust the anti-skate force and the tracking force during tracking, but not the vertical tracking angle. The tonearm is by far the most problematic part of this record player.

With ease, you can attach the provided diamond-tipped stylus to Audio Technica’s AT95E cartridge. I am happy with the quality of this cartridge, and it will contribute to sound quality, which we will discuss in the future. Record players are belt-driven, however, they don’t require repositioning each time you want the speed changed. There is an inbuilt phono stage in the Fluance RT81, which is incredibly easy to use. When you use the tonearm you can turn the machine on and off automatically, which can be useful when controlling things. Another advantage is that you won’t need to switch records when the machine is turned off.

But beware- some records do not appear to work with the auto-stop feature. Vinyl records may not work correctly with Fluance turntables due to differences in production methods. The manual warns that the record will stop spinning within 30 seconds.


Fluance RT81 setup is very intuitive, and beginners will have no difficulty getting it up and running. Setup is quick and painless because there are few adjustments to be made. It’s very easy if you follow the instructions that explain everything clearly.

Enhancements & Customizations:

With this table, you can easily switch cartridges if your listening needs to change from casual listening to more detailed observation. If you are looking for a player that suits your needs, you should consider your goals more carefully before purchasing. Rather than spending money on upgrades, you can just purchase a better player in general.

Based on performance:

Despite the fact that it can pick up a fair amount of static, the performance of this player is high. A better phono preamp would cost the same amount as the player itself, so the built-in one sounds okay. Listening to a piece with a lot of long, sustained notes makes you notice the player’s attempt to find a sweet spot, caused by the inconsistent speed. Your favorite tracks will come to life thanks to their dynamic range and emotive effects. I hope you enjoy the rich, warm sound you can expect!

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The RT81 offers an upgrade of $50 over the RT80. In order to keep the price down without sacrificing sound quality, it seems like they did everything they could to do so. You should definitely compare other record players before you decide to buy this one. For the same price, there are many alternatives that may be better suited for your needs.

As well as this, we categorized and rated the most important characteristics a turntable should have to be a worthy purchase (1-5 is the best rating). We will focus on the advantages of buying this table for a beginner in today’s review. Best of luck with your decision-making!

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