Fluance RT82 Review – Excellent Quality Higher Than Its Cost!

Due to vinyl’s popularity, we’re all renovating old decks, replacing old decks with new decks, or purchasing brand-new ones. Turntable sales have increased exponentially since the boom in nostalgia, so this might be the perfect time to purchase a new record player and upgrade your stereo. As a leading brand in home audio, Fluance manufactures audio products since 1999. The record player by Fluance aims to follow the market trend by emulating the sound of an analog record player. In the review, Fluance offers model RT82.

Fluance RT82 Review 2023

Design and Build Quality

  • I remember my grandfather’s record player being very similar to the Fluance RT82’s design: a wooden cabinet with rubber adjustable feet, and a metal platter covered in a rubber mat, and a clear top.
  • This design would be best described as an elegant old-fashioned design that could fit into any environment or interior. We also have a guide where you can find other wood turntables if you’re specifically looking for one.
  • High-quality materials were used. The wooden plinth is topped with a highly precise metal plate (with rubber mat). By combining the fixed-resonance feet and adjustable resonance dumps, the plate can be isolated from small vibrations while also producing a cleaner sound.
  • A much-recognized mechanical powerhouse, the Fluance RT82 features the Stylus 10 by Ortofon. It makes a huge difference to the sound quality when the cartridge is picking up the source of the sound.

Features – Fluance RT82 Review

Belt-driven turntable

Belt-driven turntables have motors situated beside the platter rather than under it, as opposed to direct-drive turntables, which have the motor positioned directly beneath the platter. Transmission belts connect flywheels to platters powered by motors. Despite their appearance, indirect-driven systems offer better isolation between motor and platter compared with direct-driven systems.

Semi-automatic system

With the RT82, Fluance has created a semi automatic, automatic turntable. Semi-automatic record players require you to manually press the needle down on the record instead of fully automatic record players, which lower the tonearm from its resting position automatically. As soon as a record is finished playing, a lift operates similarly to an automatic model. Automatic models work differently from Fluance RT82 models.

Approximately 30 seconds after the recording ends, the table stops spinning, and the tonearm must be manually returned to its original resting position. It’s quite useful for drifting off to sleep while listening to the radio.

Speed Control Motor

Speed regulation optical sensors are integrated into the Fluance RT82’s motor. By measuring variations in linear velocity and acceleration, these sensors can determine the level of wow and flutter. By measuring wow and flutter, these sensors determine speed fluctuations. As a result of a change in speed, sour notes may flatten in pitch (wow) and garbled notes will sharpen in pitch (flutter). Speed control in the Fluance RT82 has the ability to prevent this frequency fluctuation.

Ortofon OM10

Ortofon is a well-known and leading cartridge manufacturer, and the OM10 Cartridge is available in the Fluance RT82. In order to accurately and precisely reproduce the sound of records, the OM10 Cartridge traces the grooves of each record with diamond’s facets. Colors aren’t present in the sound, it feels natural and warm, like analog.

Speed Settings

Fluance RT82 plays at 33 RPM and 45 RPM, you can choose your preferred speed from the knob on the plinth. The knob on the plinth can also be used to shut off the system.

No Built-in Preamp

If you’ve never used a turntable before, the Fluance RT82 will require a separate preamp. These mid-range preamps are our favorites.

Audio Output

RCA analog audio outputs are available on the Fluance RT82. There are only three connections on the back of the device: two audio connectors, the ground wire, and the red and white (left and right) audio connectors. There is also a small lever located next to the power connector (DC 12V/0.5A) that allows you to activate or disable the auto-stop system.

Setup and Sound – Fluance RT82 Review


As soon as your new Fluance RT82 arrives, you will need to set it up and assemble it. Setting it up isn’t hard, but patience is required. Step-by-step instructions are included in the owner’s manual for setting up the turntable. You must assemble the cabinet first, then assemble the platter with rubber mate, and attach the rubber belt. You must calibrate the aluminum tonearm according to the instructions. Getting your new system set up isn’t too difficult, but you do need to dedicate time to it. The Fluance RT82 is an amazing sound system if you set it up properly.

Sound Quality

The Fluance RT82 delivers great sound quality that is both nuanced and powerful. Although this record player is considered an entry-level and is incredibly affordable, its best feature is the sound quality it produces.

OM10 Cartridge by Ortofon is one of the factors behind this. The cartridge has a warm analog sound, but is transparent in the sound, which makes it a great option for vinyl enthusiasts.

What We Like

  • The sound quality. This phone offers an excellent cartridge for its price point.
  • The tonearm is made from aluminum and the plinth is made from wood.
  • It is better to use belt-driven systems.
  • Speed control motors are isolated from each other.

What We Don’t Like

  • The preamp isn’t built-in. You will need to buy an extra record player if this is your first record player.
  • Due to its delay of approximately 30 seconds, the auto-stop system is a bit tricky.

FAQs – Fluance RT82 Review

Does the Fluance RT82 deserve its price tag?

With its Audio-Technica cartridge, the RT82 sounds much better than the RT81. The sound is more dynamic, detailed, and separated. The RT81 can be upgraded to a better sounding device for only $50 more.

Are there auto-stop features on the Fluance RT82?

A semi-automatic turntable, such as the Fluance RT82, could be described as such.

After the turntable has stopped spinning after about 30 seconds, the tonearm must be manually brought back to rest.

Does the Fluance RT82 need a preamp?

One of Fluance’s Reference line’s most affordable turntables, the RT82, is part of the Reference line. Compared with the RT81, there are some notable improvements, including the move of the motor outside the platter, and the absence of a phono preamp.

Fluance’s manufacturing facility is located where?

We design our Classic(RT80), Elite(RT81) and Reference(RT82, RT83, RT84, RT85) Turntables in our Ontario, Canada headquarters. The turntables are manufactured in Taiwan.


Build quality, sound quality, and durability are some of its key qualities. A particular example is the Fluance RT82, which is especially true considering its price and that it is a starter model. In case you’re just getting acquainted with vinyl and vinyl music, this record is a great place to start.

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