The Gemini Sound TT-900 is a belt-drive turntable that uses the same motor as the TT-800, but with an improved platter and bearing design. The TT-900 has been designed to be used in conjunction with the Gemini Sound’s TT-1000 phono stage, which features a built-in preamp and phono cartridge. This combination makes for a very versatile system that can handle almost any type of music you throw at it.

Gemini Sound TT-900 Series Stereo Belt Drive Turntable Sound System

Gemini Sound TT-900 Features:

  • Belt-drive turntable
  • Uses the same motor as the Gemini Sound TT-800
  • Improved platter and bearing design
  • Built-in phono stage (TT-1000)
  • Includes two AA batteries
  • Dimensions: 11″H x 7″W x 4″D
  • Weight: 2 lbs. 1 oz.

Gemini Sound TT-900 Guide:

The GeminiSound TT-900 is a high performance belt driven turntable that offers excellent sound quality and tonal balance while providing a wide range of play speeds from 33 to 45 rpm. It is equipped with a built-in phono stage that allows you to use either a moving magnet or moving coil cartridge. You can even use both types of cartridges simultaneously!

The Gemini Sound TT 900 is outfitted with a powerful neodymium direct coupled AC synchronous motor that delivers smooth and accurate tracking throughout its entire speed range. A specially designed low friction polyurethane belt drives the platter ensuring quiet operation and long life. The TT-900 is equipped with a heavy duty steel frame construction that provides maximum stability and durability.

The TT-900 is equipped as standard with a pair of AA batteries so there is no need for an external power supply. Simply connect the supplied DC adapter cord when you are ready to operate the TT-900 from an electrical outlet.
The TT-900 comes complete with a dust cover, stylus arm, felt mat, and instruction manual.

What We Like

  • High Performance Belt Driven Turntable.
  • Easy Set Up – No External Power Supply Needed.
  • Excellent Sound Quality & Tonal Balance.
  • Great Value.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not Recommended For Vinyl Lovers.
  • No Built In Preamplifier.
  • Requires Two AAA Batteries.

FAQs – Gemini Sound TT-900 Review

Does the TT-900 have a built-in phono stage?

Yes, the TT-900 is fully compatible with our TT-1000 Phono stage.

How are the TT-900 and TT-800 different?

The TT-900 is a higher-performance version of the TT-800. It has a larger diameter platter and more stable bearings.

How do I get my Gemini Sound TT-900 running?

To start the TT-900 simply remove the dust cap and place the TT-900 on top of the TT-1000. The TT-900 should be powered by the provided DC cable. Pressing the “On/Off” button will turn the TT-900 on. Once the TT-900 is powered on, press the “Play” button to begin playing records. You can also press the “Reset” button if you’re not satisfied with the results.

Can I use my own cartridge?

Yes, you can use almost any cartridge that fits inside the TT-900. However, we recommend using only the cartridges that come with the TT-900.

Do I need to replace the belts every time they wear out?

No, the TT-900 does not require replacing the belts.

Is the TT-900 suitable for vinyl LP playback?

Yes, although the TT-900 is primarily intended for use with 78 RPM records, it should be able to handle LPs too.

Will the TT-900 work with my existing equipment?

Yes, all of our products are fully compatible with each other.


If you are looking for a high-performance belt-driven record player then the Gemini Sound TT-900 may just be what you’ve been searching for. With its large 9 1/2 inch diameter platter and solid steel chassis, the TT-900 delivers superb sound quality and exceptional stability. And with its built-in phono stage, you can enjoy your favorite music through either a moving magnet or a moving coil cartridge.