ION Archive LP Review 2023

ION Archive LP ReviewAn affordable USB turntable that converts analog music to digital, the Ion Audio Air LP excels at digitizing analog audio.

People who want to give themselves plenty of options for input and output will particularly like this.

As well as many ports for connecting to cables, the Air LP can also transmit wireless audio to headphones or speakers using Bluetooth. It is a feature that makes it stand out in a price range like this.

Certain features explain the lower price of this device. A few of the included features are inferior to other options, such as the cartridge and the software. However, the latter can be a bonus, as it’s very intuitive.

Discover if this is the best USB turntable for you when you read through our ion audio turntable review.

Building Quality and Design of Ion Audio’s Air LP

The Bluetooth-enabled Ion Air LP has a variety of input and output choices. The fact that this is an affordable turntable makes it stand out among competitors.

Bluetooth speakers or systems with RCA or 1/8-inch inputs make it easy to stream vinyl to an audio system. You can use the Air LP’s Bluetooth transmitter to connect a music player without Bluetooth and use the 1/8-inch aux input on the back panel.

Headphone output can also be found on the top panel, which lets you hear your recordings while they are being digitized.

This review looks at the features of the Ion Audio Air LP

Its Bluetooth connectivity makes it stand out from the pack. Including a portable speaker and wireless headphones, the turntable paired without a problem with several Bluetooth devices.

  • Besides the 1/8-inch aux input, the Air LP features a headphone jack as well. Therefore, it can be connected to a music player without Bluetooth and used with the Bluetooth transmitter of the Air LP.
  • There is less fidelity in Bluetooth functionality than in wired turntables, but you can send sound wirelessly to another room in your home for convenience.

It’s easier to use the EZ Vinyl Converter software that comes with the Air LP, but it lacks some tools that other programs have, such as editing and repairs.

Ion Audio Air LP is the focus of this review

This turntable’s playback and conversion were not up to our expectations. Reviewers believe the cartridge is the problem, and unfortunately, you cannot upgrade it or replace it.

  • The Sony PS-HX500 is an excellent vinyl-to-MP3 converter on a budget that offers high-class audio conversion capabilities.
  • The program lets you save audio files to your Mac or Windows computer, as well as guiding you through the conversion process step-by-step.

Because the converted file cannot be edited, you must begin and end the recording quickly, because long pauses cannot be deleted. Additionally, there are no tools for normalizing the volume or repairing splits and crackles in older records in the software.

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Would you recommend Ion Audio’s Air LP to others?

Bluetooth connectivity is the best feature of the Ion Air LP. There was a problem with the included cartridge that resulted in poor playback and conversion. If you plan primarily to listen to records via Bluetooth then it is the only turntable worth considering over other budget-friendly models we tested.

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