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Established in 2003, ION Audio was created to fill the gap between the new and old. By mixing these two elements, ION Audio became one of the best brands in the industry.

Their products have a wide variety of features with good quality and are not very expensive. Most of the turntables manufactured by ION Audio are very affordable and will give you a great music experience.

Although their turntables cannot match the quality and style of top brands like Audio-Technica and Crosley, yet they still thrive because of the inexpensive turntables they are manufacturing.

So let’s see some of the best turntables by ION Audio. But before we begin, you need to know something:

Should I Buy an ION Audio Turntable?

If you want a simple and cute-looking turntable that has a good sound and also doesn’t cost you a lot, then ION Audio turntables are for you.

And if you’re an audiophile and want the best music experience without worrying about the money, I would recommend you to check Audio-Technica turntables.

ION Audio Turntable Review of 202333333

1. ION Audio Vinyl Motion

This easy portable turntable allows you to listen to your favorite records on the go. You can carry it easily anywhere and it has a rechargeable battery that works up to 4 hours. The suitcase-style makes it look elegant.

It can play all your records at 3 playback speeds. For a much better sound experience, you can connect this to your home stereo with the RCA output provided. And for some private listening, a headphone jack is included.

Converting your records is also very easy with the software provided. All you need to do is to connect this turntable to your computer via USB and now you can convert all your records.

Many people consider this turntable to be better than some high-end turntables because it’s cheap and has some really cool features.

While many expensive turntables require a lot of maintenance and will cost you extra money. ION Audio Vinyl Motion is cheap and doesn’t require extra care. Even audiophiles consider this a good choice for people who are new to vinyl.

Also, check out the deluxe version of this turntable. It has some extra features but its looks are awesome.

2. ION Audio Archive LP

Your all-in-one playback system with lots of features like built-in speakers, RCA output, and much more. The archive is perfect for those who want an inexpensive turntable with great sound.

Digitizing your records is also very easy with Archive because it provides a USB connection that helps you convert your records. With this turntable, you also get EZ Vinyl/Tape converter software compatible for both Mac and PC.

It can play 3 speeds (33/45/78) records. The natural wooden finish adds to the beauty of this turntable.

3. ION Audio Select LP

Select LP is a great turntable that plays records without damaging them. The reason I mentioned this is that most of the turntables that are cheap can cause scratches on your records. This damages them every time you play them.

But this is not the case with Select LP. You can convert your records into MP3 files with the software provided with the turntable. It can play 33, 45, and 78 RPM records.

With the RCA outputs provided, you can connect it to your home stereo and enjoy the music. One really cool feature about this turntable is that you can convert audio from a cassette player with the AUX input provided.

Select LP has a magnetic cartridge that provides a great sound experience. The hinged dust cover protects your records.

4. ION Audio Vinyl Transport

Similar to Vinyl Motion, ION Audio Vinyl Transport is a suitcase-style portable turntable that can play 3-speed records.

It is designed with really great built-in speakers so you will not feel the need to connect your own speakers. It operates on four AA batteries and comes with an AC adapter and a 45 RPM adapter. The battery life is up to 6 hours so that you can listen to your records anywhere without worrying about the battery.

It shuts off automatically at the end of the record which a cool feature not found in many turntables. Once you buy this turntable, all you need to do is to open the box and turn it on. You don’t need to get your hands dirty setting up this turntable.

Compared to Crosley Cruiser, this one is a better option as it has a battery feature. It does not have a headphone jack which not a big deal. The RCA output lets you hook this up to your speakers.

One big con of this turntable is that you will have to get a separate needle to play 78 RPM records because it doesn’t sound good with the one provided. You can get a diamond needle which doesn’t cost a lot and will also improve the sound experience.

List of the Best ION Audio Max LP Turntable Review

Product Name Price Reviews
ION Audio Vinyl Motion $$ (4.1 / 5)
ION Audio Archive LP $$$ (3.7 / 5)
ION Audio Select LP $$ (3.1 / 5)
ION Audio Vinyl Transport $$ (4.4 / 5)

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