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The Jensen JTA-460 turntable provides a distinctive combination of design and utility for music lovers looking for a flexible record player. The Jensen JTA-460 offers an affordable option for people who wish to preserve their vinyl collection in the digital era by converting vinyl albums to MP3 files without needing a computer.

In this article, we’ll look at the main characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of this budget turntable and its use and performance.

Jensen JTA-460: Key Features

The Jensen JTA-460 turntable stands out for its impressive features, which include:

  • 3-speed belt-driven stereo turntable (33/45/78 RPM) for versatile playback
  • Built-in stereo speakers for convenient listening without additional equipment
  • MP3 conversion capabilities using SD, USB, and MMC slots
  • FM/AM radio tuner with digital frequency selector
  • Remote control for easy operation from a distance
  • Multifunction blue backlit LCD for a user-friendly experience
  • Programmable memory with bass boost for enhanced audio quality

User Experience and Performance

Many users have praised the Jensen JTA-460 turntable’s attractive design, affordable price point, and ease of use. The ability to convert vinyl records to MP3 files without a computer is a major selling point, as is the inclusion of USB, SD, and MMC slots for versatile storage options.

However, some users have noted a few drawbacks to the Jensen JTA-460. These include the turntable taking time to play after pressing the record button, the encoder not automatically splitting tracks during MP3 conversion, and occasional loud whirring noises from the speakers when the motor starts. Despite these minor issues, most users have been satisfied with their purchase, citing the overall quality and value for money as key factors in their positive experience.

JENSEN JTA-460 Digital 3-Speed Stereo Turntable with MP3 Encoding & AM/FM Receiver

What We Like

  • Attractive design
  • Easy MP3 conversion without a computer
  • USB, SD, and MMC slots for versatile storage options
  • Built-in stereo speakers and remote control
  • Affordable price point

What We Don’t Like

  • Occasional skipping of the tonearm
  • Dust cover with small back opening, allowing dust to accumulate on records
  • Some users reported loud whirring noises from speakers

FAQs – JENSEN JTA-460 Digital 3-Speed Stereo Turntable

Q: What is the difference between the JTA-460 and the JTA-450?

A: The JTA-460 is slightly larger than the JTA-450. It also has a built-in amplifier while the JTA-450 does not. Both models have similar features but the JTA-460 is more expensive.

Q: Is there a way I can listen to my vinyl collection without having to hook up my turntable to my stereo?

A: Yes! The JTA-460 has a built-in CD player. Simply plug the supplied RCA cables into your stereo and enjoy listening to your favorite albums.

Q: Can I use the JTA-460 with other devices like computers and smartphones?

A: Almost all portable devices will work with the JTA-470. You just need to make sure that you have the correct adapter cable for them.

Q: How do I get started playing my vinyl records again?

A: Plug the supplied RCA cables directly into your stereo and turn on the turntable. If you want to hear how good the sound quality is, try turning the volume up.

Q: Do I need to buy additional adapters if I already own some older equipment?

A: No. All of the adapters provided come with the JTA-460. They are designed specifically for connecting the turntable to your existing gear.

Q: Does the JTA-460 include a manual?

A: Yes, the manual is located inside the box.

Q: Will the JTA-460 play LPs?

A: No, the JTA-460 only plays 45 RPM records.

Q: Are there any accessories that go along with the JTA- 460?

A: Yes, there are several accessories available. These include an AC Adapter, a Belt Clip, a Carrying Case, a Cushion Cover, a Dustcover, a Manual, a Power Cord, and a Wall Mounting Kit.


For music fans who wish to maintain their vinyl collection and enjoy their favourite songs in a modern format, the Jensen JTA-460 turntable offers a superb combination of aesthetics, utility, and price.

The Jensen JTA-460 is an appealing alternative for anyone seeking a high-quality turntable under $100 because of its distinctive features and overwhelmingly good customer feedback.

Despite a few small flaws, the Jensen JTA-460 is a good option for anybody looking for a dependable, approachable turntable with MP3 conversion capabilities due to its overall performance and cost-effectiveness.