Pro-Ject Debut Pro Review – A Fine Mid Level Turntable

If you are looking for a stylish and affordable turntable, then the Pro-ject Debut Pro is the perfect choice. It is built like a tank but looks great too! It is ideal for those who want a simple yet reliable solution for their vinyl collection. 

It is not only lightweight but also extremely sturdy. You can easily carry this unit around as it weighs just 6kgs. It has been designed to offer maximum flexibility by allowing you to change the speed of playback between 33 and 45 rpm. 

This model is suitable for all types of music including classical, jazz, pop, rock and hip hop. The Pro-ject Debut is the first turntable to feature a new innovative design that combines the best of both worlds – the classic look of an elegant wooden cabinet with the performance of a modern high-tech product. 

The Debut features a unique carbon-aluminum tonearm which provides exceptional rigidity and stability while maintaining a very low weight for easy handling. It also has a special coating on its surface that makes it resistant to fingerprints and dust. This ensures your Debut will be ready to use from day 1. 

The Debut comes in a satin black finish and includes a premium quality leather carrying case. The Debut is available in three sizes (45cm/18″, 60cm/24″ and 75cm/30″) and two finishes (black or white). The Debut is equipped with a pre-adjusted Sumiko Rainier cartridge that offers excellent tracking force and linearity. Its specially designed steel base plate allows the cartridge to move freely without any friction. The Debut can play 33 rpm records at 78 rpms and 45 rpm records at 44 rpms.

Pro-Ject Debut PRO, Innovative and Iconic hi-fi Turntable with 8.6” one-Piece Carbon-Aluminium tonearm and pre-Adjusted Sumiko Rainier Cartridge, Satin Black.

Features of Pro-Ject Debut Pro Quality: 

The Debut is made of solid wood and metal. The top plate is finished in a lacquer that protects against scratches and dents. The platter is made of aluminum alloy and the bearing system uses ball bearings. The Debut is built to last. 

  • Solid Wood & Metal: The Debut is constructed using solid wood and metal. It is protected by a lacquer finish that prevents damage. 
  • Pre-Adjusted Sumiko RAINIER Cartridge: The Debut comes with a pre-adjusted sumiko rainier cartridge that delivers excellent tracking force and linearity. The specially designed steel baseplate makes sure the cartridge moves smoothly without any friction. 
  • Sumiko RAINIER Pre-Adjusted Cartridge: The Sumiko RAINIER cartridge is a professional cartridge that was developed especially for the Debut. It is a Japanese cartridge that is known for its excellent tracking force and linear response. 

What We Like

  • Solid construction 
  • Excellent sound quality 
  • Easy operation 
  • Good value for money 

What We Don’t Like

  • No cons as yet

FAQs – Pro-Ject Debut Pro Turntable Review

Q1: What are the dimensions of the Debut? 

A1: The Debut is available as a 45cm/18″ model, 60cm/24 “model and a 75cm/30″ model. All models have a height of approximately 50 cm / 20″. 

Q2: Is there a difference between the Debut and other pro-ject turntables? 

A2: Yes, the Debut is different from all other pro-ject tur-natels because it is the only turntable that features a carbon-alu-minum tonearm. This means that the Debut is more rigid than other pro-ject turn-atels and therefore easier to handle. 

Q3: How do I set up my Debut? 

A3: The Debut comes pre-set with a pre-adjust-ed Sumiko RAINIER cartridge. To set up the Debut you just need to insert the cartridge into the tonearm hole and place the cartridge onto the record groove. You then simply connect the phono plug to the phono socket and put the Debut onto the stand. 

Q4: Can I change the cartridge if I want something else? 

A4: Yes, you can easily replace the Sumiko RAINIER cartridge with another cartridge. Simply remove the old cartridge and install the new one. 

Q5: Does the Debut come with a manual?

A5: Yes, the Debut comes with a user guide that contains detailed instructions on how to use your Debut. 

Q6: Do I need an amplifier to listen to music through the Debut? 

A6: Yes, you will need an amp to amplify the signal coming from the Debut. 

Q7: Are there any accessories included with the Debut? 

A7: Yes, the Debut comes with a premium quality leather carrying bag.


The Debut is a great product that combines high performance with good looks. It has a very sturdy build and is easy to operate. The pre-adjusted Sumiko RAINIER cartridges offer excellent tracking force and linear responses. The Debut also includes a premium quality leather carrying case. 

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