Introduction: The Pro-ject X2 is a high performance turntable that has been designed to be used in the home. It features a belt driven motor and a direct drive platter, which means there are no belts or pulleys to wear out. This makes it ideal for use on your living room stereo system.

The X2 comes with a built-in phono cartridge, so you don’t have to buy one separately. You can also choose from three different tonearms, including the standard arm, the RCA arm, and the Sumiko arm.

The X2 is available in two finishes – Piano Black and White.

Features of Pro-Ject X2 Turntable

  • Quality: The X2 is made from aluminium alloy, making it extremely durable. It’s also very light at only 1kg.
  • Performance: The X2 uses a direct drive platter design, meaning there are no belts or other parts to wear out. It also has a low running noise level.
  • Design: The X2 looks great on any hi-fi system. Its elegant black finish will blend
  • Belt Driven Motor: The X2 uses a belt driven motor, which means there are fewer parts to wear out than other types of motors.
  • Direct Drive Platter: A direct drive platter spins directly off the motor without any belts or pulleys.
  • Built-In Phono Cartridge: The X2 includes a built-in phonic cartridge, so you don’t need to buy an extra one.
  • RCA Outputs: The X2 has RCA outputs for connecting to your amplifier.
  • Sumiko Tonearm: The X2 comes with a Sumiko tonearm, which is made by the same company as the original Sumiko tonearm.
  • Built-In Preamp: The X2 comes equipped with a built-in preamplifier, which lets you connect it to your amplifier using only one cable.
  • Weight: The X2 weighs about 11 pounds.
  • Power Requirements: The X2 requires 110V/60Hz power supply.

Specifications of Pro-Ject X2 Turntable

  • Finish: Piano Black & White
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Height: 13″
  • Width: 18″
  • Depth: 10 1/4″
  • Speed: 33 RPM
  • Power Consumption: 0.5 W
  • Input Voltage: 110 VAC / 60 Hz
  • Output Voltage: 120 VDC / 50Hz
  • Dimensions: L x W x H: 19.25″ x 14.75″ x 11.75″
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 5 kg
  • Minimum Load Capacity: 1kg
  • Recommended Use: Home Audio System
  • Warranty: 2 Years

What We Like

  • High Performance
  • Compact Design
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Good Value For Money

What We Don’t Like

  • Not Waterproof
  • No Remote Control
  • Requires AC Adapter

FAQs – Pro-Ject X2 Turntable with Sumiko Review

Q: What is the difference between the X2 and the X3?

A: The X2 is a smaller version of the X3. It is slightly lighter than the X3 but still offers all the same great features as its bigger brother.

Q: Can I use my existing cartridges with the X2?

A: Yes! All of our cartridges are compatible with both models.

Q: How do I set up the X2?

A: Simply plug the power cord into an electrical outlet, connect the ground wire to the metal chassis, attach the power supply to the wall socket, then turn the unit on.

Q: Is the X2 waterproof?

A: No. However, we recommend using a dust cover when storing the unit outdoors.

Q: Does the X2 come with a remote control?

A: Unfortunately not. We suggest purchasing a universal remote if you want to operate the X2 remotely.

Q: Do I need to purchase a separate phono cartridge?

A: No, the X2 includes a built-in phonic cartridge.

Q: Will the X2 work with my existing equipment?

A: Yes, all of our products will work with any other brand of equipment.

Overall Conclusion

If you’re looking for a compact, powerful, reliable turntable at a reasonable price, the Pro-ject X2 should be top of your list.