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Teac Turntable Review of 2023 – TEAC is developing quality products for the music industry for more than 30 years. This makes them a trustable brand that manufactures quality products for its customers. TEAC was founded in 1953 and its headquarters are located in Japan.

They are well known for developing innovative products that are different from their competitors and attract different people.

So if you want to buy a TEAC turntable, you will always get satisfied with the product quality. But here’s one thing:

Compared to other brands, TEAC manufactures turntables that might be expensive for you. If you’re thinking to buy a cheap turntable, I would recommend you check other brands.

ION Audio is famous for its turntables that are affordable. You can go check their best turntables here. Also if you are an audiophile, I would recommend nothing but Audio-Technica. It’s the best brand making turntables right now and its prices are very affordable.

But if you are ready to spend a couple of bucks more to get an amazing quality turntable, keep reading. I have created a list of the best turntables by TEAC.

Teac Turntable Review of 2023

Model Speeds Type Equalizer USB Bluetooth Review
TN-420 2 Belt Yes Yes No Review
Tn-180BT 3 Belt Yes Yes Yes Review
TN-200 2 Belt Yes Yes No Review

1. Teac TN-420 Turntable Tie-Dye

It is a belt-driven turntable that can play 2 speeds. You can choose between five different colors. The white color looks exceptionally beautiful.

Teac TN-420 Turntable Tie-Dye

It has a USB output that will help you connect this to your PC or Mac and convert your records. Compared to the best turntable in the world Audio-Technica TN 420 USB, this turntable will save you around 20 bucks.

TN-420 includes a built-in MM phono equalizer and has both phono and line outputs. The turntable uses Audio-Technica’s AT95E VM cartridge and has a high inertia platter that makes the sound experience fantastic.

It is perfect for new users as well as audiophiles gave that you have a good budget. The design is also very stylish.
If you want a turntable for scratching, this might not be the right option for you since it’s a belt-drive turntable.

What We Like

  • Both phono and line outputs
  • Gorgeous design
  • Fantastic Sound
  • Audio-Technica AT95E VM cartridge

What We Don’t Like

  • No auto-stop mechanism
  • Doesn’t play 78 RPM records


If you’re on a good budget, then this is the perfect option for you. But I would still go for Audio-Technica AT-LP120USB which is much better and has more features. It will cost a few more bucks but it’s also worth it. But if you wish to go with this one, then go for it. This turntable is perfect.

2. Teac Tn-180BT Bluetooth Turntable Review

TN180BT has a belt-driven mechanism and comes in two colors: black and red. It can play 3 speeds and has a built-in MM phono equalizer.

Teac TN100B Belt Drive Turntable Preamp and USB

An RCA output is also included in the turntable that lets you connect it to your home stereo. Moreover, the USB port allows you to connect it to your computer and convert your records.

This turntable is good for those who have a tight budget. It’s not expensive compared to TN-300.

What We Like

  • Can play 78 RPM records
  • Inexpensive

What We Don’t Like

  • Plastic tonearm
  • No weight scale for a tonearm


The tonearm is made of plastic which may be a problem for you. If not, go for this turntable. The sound quality is terrific and you will just love it.

3. Teac TN-200 Turntable Review

This amazing belt-drive turntable has a built-in MM phono equalizer, can play 2-speed records, and also has a USB output that lets you connect it to your computer.

Teac TN-200 Belt Drive Turntable With USB Output

It has a high-performance MM cartridge with an anti-skating design. The looks are really great and it will look beautiful in your room.

What We Like

  • Great sound quality
  • RCA cable included
  • USB port

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive


Don’t buy this turntable unless you have a good budget. There are many other options available that are cheaper and have more features. Instead, go for Audio-Technica AT-LP60.


So these were the best turntables by TEAC. You may have noticed that I have not mentioned TEAC TN-570. The reason behind this is that it’s expensive and the sound quality is not that good compared to other turntables.

You can get a better turntable for the same price. The above-mentioned turntables are good and you can buy them if you have a good budget.

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