Which Turntables Work With Sonos 2023

Here are the instructions for playing vinyl records on the Sonos One, Beam, Soundbar, and Play Speakers

At first, you may feel intimidated by connecting your Sonos speakers to your turntable, but never give up. After you’ve mastered the basics, it’s actually quite simple. The good news is YES! Any Sonos speaker can be connected to your record player. You’ll need the following to make the connection work properly:

  1. Turntable
  2. Sonos Speaker
  3. Preamplifier
  4. Sonos Connect

Sonos Connect: Why Do I Need One?

Which Turntables Work With Sonos

You will need to convert the audio coming from your turntable into a WiFi signal. A Sonos wireless network can be accessed by any device connected to the Connect.

What kind of preamp does your turntable have?

Turntables with built-in preamplifiers make connecting your Sonos speaker easier if you already own one.
Your record player’s preamplifier switch may be located on the back or under the platter, depending on your model. It’s important to check your owner’s manual to learn the location and function of the turntable’s pre-amp.

What Is The Purpose Of A Preamp?

In comparison to other devices like a CD player, the audio signal from a turntable is about 1,000 times quieter. It would be impossible to have decent sound quality without a preamp

Integrating the Sonos Connect

Creating a wireless connection between your record player and Sonos speaker is the first step in hooking it up. By using Sonos Connect, you can do this easily. On the back of the box are a variety of inputs for connecting to any device.

Using this tabletop box, your vinyl music will be picked up wirelessly by any Sonos speaker in the house.
Connecting the Dots

If your turntable is equipped with a preamp and you have added a Sonos Connect, the next step is to connect them.

Using a turntable with a built-in preamp

An Easy-To-Follow Guide

Your turntable will probably come equipped with a built-in preamp, so making the connection is quite simple.

  • Turn on the record player’s preamp by switching it to “ON
  • To connect your turntable to the Sonos Connect, you should connect the RCA cables to the “Audio In” port on the back of your connected system
  • You will need to install the Sonos app on your mobile device or tablet (Android or iOS).
  • Select an audio system such as Sonos that plays vinyl
  • Connect Sonos Connect to a “Line In” source and listen to music
  • There you have it. The party’s about to begin

How to connect a turntable without a preamp

An Easy-To-Follow Guide

Record players without preamplifiers require an external unit in order to connect.

  1. The audio cables should be connected to the “Line In” port of the preamp
  2. Connect the “Line Out” port on the preamp to the “In” port on the Sonos Connect with another set of audio cables.
  3. Get the Sonos app for Android or iOS (Android & iOS).
  4. If you want to play your vinyl through Sonos speakers, choose one or more of them
  5. Choose “Line In” as your music source on Sonos Connect.
  6. The platter is ready when you are! Simply place your favorite record on it.


In order to determine if your turntable has an internal preamplifier, you need to locate it. Check this feature when you’re shopping for new gear and keep it in mind as you choose. To find out if your turntable has a preamp switch, check your owner’s manual or record player.

There are 32 speakers that can be connected to a Sonos system, so whether you only have one speaker or all the rooms in your house are connected, you can beam your favorite vinyl album wirelessly with minimal effort.

For the best sound quality, you should also upgrade your RCA cables. However much debate rages online on whether better cables make a difference, at the very least, it makes sense to purchase a cable that is shielded so as to minimize electromagnetic interference.

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