Vinyl Stylus Shapes Explained: A Guide to Different Types

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Turntable Mats: Their Impact on Sound Quality & Performance

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Cartridge Installation Guide for Turntable Headshells

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Optimal Speaker Placement: Master the Listening Triangle

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Turntable Phono Preamps: Explained – Do You Need One?

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Half-Speed Mastering: Improved Vinyl Sound Quality

Half-speed mastering is a technique used in creating vinyl records, where the cutting lathe engraving of the master disc operates at half the playback speed. This method is believed to produce better sound quality due to the increased accuracy and detail in the grooves. This response will provide information on the half-speed mastering process, its … Read more

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How Long Will a Record Stylus Last?

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How to Fix Scratches on Vinyl Records Using a Toothpick?

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Recording Vinyl Records Into Your Computer: Step by Step

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Do Picture Disc Vinyl Records Sound Worse?

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MM vs. MC Phono Cartridges: Which to Choose?

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Does Colored Vinyl Sound Worse Than Black Vinyl?

There is a common belief that colored vinyl records may have inferior sound quality compared to traditional black vinyl. However, the truth is more nuanced, and the difference in sound quality primarily depends on the manufacturing process rather than the color of the vinyl itself. In this response, we will discuss the factors affecting sound … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Vinyl Records: Types, Sizes, and More

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Record Clamps vs. Record Weights: Worth the Investment?

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