Why Is My Record Repeating?

A vintage turntable with a spinning vinyl record surrounded by music decor.

Have you ever been grooving to your favorite vinyl record when, out of nowhere, it starts stuttering on the same note? Frustrating, right? It’s a common issue known as record repeating or skipping, and there’s good news: this guide is packed with easy fixes to get your tunes spinning smoothly again. Let’s crack the case of the looping vinyl! … Read more

Can You Leave a Record on the Turntable?

A collection of classic vinyl records spinning on a vintage turntable.

You’ve just finished listening to your favorite album, and you’re wondering—is it okay to leave the record on the turntable? It’s a little-known fact that how you handle your vinyl can make a big difference in its lifespan. Our guide is here to clear up any confusion, providing easy steps to keep your tunes spinning flawlessly for years. Keep reading; we’ve got … Read more

Does Speeding Up a Record Damage It?

A vintage turntable surrounded by classic albums in a bustling atmosphere

Ever wondered if cranking up the speed on your vinyl records is causing them harm? It’s a real concern that speeding up those spinning discs might stress out the delicate grooves. Our deep dive into the effects of altered playback speed will show you how to care for your beloved tunes properly. Keep reading, and let’s keep those records spinning! Key Takeaways Playing a … Read more

Should You Play a Wet Record?

A photo of vinyl record player and a water splash

Ever dusted off an old vinyl record and wondered if a splash of water could make it play smoother? You’re not alone; the practice of wet playing has stirred up quite a debate. Today, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of this technique, examining both its potential perks and pitfalls to guide you through your next spin session. Keep reading—this … Read more

2024’s Best High-End Turntables – Top Brands & Models

Struggling with selecting a turntable that meets the highest standards of audio excellence? In this blog, we detail the best high-end turntables for audiophiles and vinyl purists, from sophisticated models offering unparalleled sound quality to beautifully crafted turntables that are as much a piece of art as they are a music player, including a range … Read more

Wow and Flutter: Definition, Techniques, Types, Role & FAQs

If you’ve ever played a vinyl record and noticed the music warping or jittering, you’re encountering wow and flutter. These quirks can frustrate audiophiles by distorting the purity of sound from their turntables. This guide dives into what causes wow and flutter, their effects on audio quality, and methods to keep your records spinning smoothly. … Read more

33 RPM vs 45 RPM

Ever scratched your head, wondering why some vinyl spins faster than others? Here’s the scoop: records come in flavors of 33 RPM and 45 RPM, each with its own beat. Today’s jam session is all about unwrapping these two speeds and helping you pick which tune fits your groove. Get ready—this might spin your turntable world right around! Key Takeaways Vinyl records spin at … Read more

Can You Skip Songs on Vinyl?

A person playing a vinyl record on a turntable in a vintage music setting

Ever found yourself itching to skip a track on your vinyl record? It’s a common desire, especially when you’re eager to hear your favorite song. This article is poised to guide you through the dos and don’ts of navigating those grooves without damage. Dive in for some safe-skipping strategies! Key Takeaways You can skip songs on vinyl by lifting the tonearm and placing it on a … Read more

Can You Start a Record in the Middle?

Can You Start a Record in the Middle 201237261

Have you ever wanted to skip straight to your favorite part of a vinyl record but were unsure if it’s safe or even possible? Vinyl enthusiasts often debate the art of ‘needle dropping,’ where one plays a track from somewhere other than the start. This article dives deep into whether you can really cue up that catchy chorus directly without harming your precious LPs. … Read more

How to Balance Turntable Tonearm?

How to Balance Turntable Tonearm 201239265

Struggling with a wobbly-sounding vinyl? It’s likely your turntable‘s tonearm needs a balance check. In this post, we’ll guide you through the steps to achieve that perfect harmony between needle and groove. And trust us—it’s simpler than it sounds! Key Takeaways To balance a turntable tonearm, start by turning off the turntable and placing it on a flat surface. Remove the needle cover and adjust the … Read more

Standard Size of Vinyl Record Cover

Standard Dimensions of a Vinyl Record Cover 201241746

Selecting the perfect album cover size for your vinyl record can be puzzling, especially if you’re new to vinyl collecting. Did you know the typical LP sleeve measures a square of 12.375 inches? This blog post will unpack the dimensions and design tips that ensure your vinyl record covers look professional and captivating. Get ready to make your music stand out! Key Takeaways The standard size for … Read more

How to Adjust Turntable Speed?

How to Adjust Turntable Speed 201240159

Are your vinyl records not quite hitting the right notes? Speed is everything when it comes to turntables, often measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). This article will guide you through the simple steps needed to fine-tune your turntable speed, ensuring every spin hits that sweet spot. Keep reading—perfect playback awaits! Key Takeaways Your turntable can play at different speeds, like 33 … Read more

Platter: Definition, Role, Anatomy, Importance, and FAQs


If your records don’t sound quite right, the issue might lie beneath them. The turntable platter is where your vinyl records rest, which is crucial for clear playback. Our guide dives into this key component, offering insights to enhance your tunes and keep that needle smoothly cruising the grooves. Discover the spin-on-better sound below! Key … Read more

Cueing: Definition, Importance, Usage, Risk, Selection, FAQs


Stylus scratches on your favorite vinyl can be a real heartbreaker. Cueing on a turntable is the art of precisely lowering and raising the needle, or stylus, onto the record. Our guide dives into why mastering this technique protects your collection and enhances listening pleasure. Keep reading; we’re spinning up some essential tips next! Key … Read more

Anti-Skate: Definition, Guide, Relations, Benefits and FAQs


Many vinyl enthusiasts know the frustration of a skipping stylus and distorted sound. Anti-skate is an essential feature on turntables that addresses this very issue, ensuring that your music plays smoothly. This article will illuminate anti-skating’s role and show you how to perfect your listening experience by using it effectively. Discover the secret to flawless … Read more