Can You Leave a Record on the Turntable?

A collection of classic vinyl records spinning on a vintage turntable.

You’ve just finished listening to your favorite album, and you’re wondering—is it okay to leave the record on the turntable? It’s a little-known fact that how you handle your vinyl can make a big difference in its lifespan. Our guide is here to clear up any confusion, providing easy steps to keep your tunes spinning flawlessly for years. Keep reading; we’ve got … Read more

Does Speeding Up a Record Damage It?

A vintage turntable surrounded by classic albums in a bustling atmosphere

Ever wondered if cranking up the speed on your vinyl records is causing them harm? It’s a real concern that speeding up those spinning discs might stress out the delicate grooves. Our deep dive into the effects of altered playback speed will show you how to care for your beloved tunes properly. Keep reading, and let’s keep those records spinning! Key Takeaways Playing a … Read more

Should You Play a Wet Record?

A photo of vinyl record player and a water splash

Ever dusted off an old vinyl record and wondered if a splash of water could make it play smoother? You’re not alone; the practice of wet playing has stirred up quite a debate. Today, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of this technique, examining both its potential perks and pitfalls to guide you through your next spin session. Keep reading—this … Read more