Klipsch R-12SW Powerful Deep Bass Front Firing 12 Copper-Spun Driver 400W Digital Power Subwoofer

The Klipsch brand, founded in America in 1946, is well-known in the audio industry. They have earned a top spot for creating high-quality speakers, enclosures, and drivers. Klipsch’s audio products are not just for homes. They are also found in public places like theaters and cafes. The brand has made its mark in places like AMC theatres and Hard Rock Cafes.

The Klipsch Subwoofer R-12SW stands out with its 12-inch size and a unique black and copper design. Weighing in at just 33 pounds, it’s easy to move around. You can change the look of the subwoofer to match your room’s style by removing the front foam grill.

This subwoofer comes with a digital amplifier, giving it a dynamic power of 400 watts. It’s also equipped with built-in digital crossover and phase control. This makes the Klipsch Subwoofer R-12SW deliver top-notch performance, whether you’re listening to music or watching movies. If you seek high-quality audio for your home or office, this product is a top pick.

Klipsch Subwoofer R-12SW Review of 2023


The Klipsch R-12SW subwoofer is a luxe piece. It is a cube shape and measures 14 x 18.5 x 16 inches. Its weight is about 30 pounds. Its sleek design makes it look costly on any sound system.

Construction and Build Quality

Klipsch’s sound construction makes it stable and strong. This quality might make moving it a bit tough, but the benefits make up for this small issue. The Klipsch Subwoofer R-12SW is a great buy for those who want crisp bass without big boxes. This subwoofer has good build quality and is smaller than others. It can deliver clear sound at even lower frequencies due to Klipsch’s special design. It has a cabinet made with medium-density fiber (MDF) wood and covered in a black polymer veneer.

Design Highlights and Features

This subwoofer has a cloth grille that you can remove. Its design is sleek and makes sure it can reach the corners of any room. It also has a soft, minimal look with curves and a subtle LED indicator light. Its copper diaphragm is shaped like an egg. The R-12SW’s 400W digital amplifier is a great feature as it can deliver good sound and volume without losing quality.

Why It Made The Cut?

The Klipsch Subwoofer R-12SW earns its spot for those craving deep, rich bass that stays accurate. It manages to keep the bass distortion-free and comes at a price that won’t break the bank. The subwoofer is designed thoughtfully. You can remove the cloth grille from the front, and it has a subtle LED light. Plus, you can move it around the room without any trouble.

What We Like

  • The bass sound is solid, deep, tight, and clean.
  • The subwoofer can be moved around easily due to its weight.
  • It’s worth its cost, even if you’re on a budget.
  • The subwoofer works well in rooms of different sizes.
  • It’s equipped with knobs to adjust the frequency, phase, and volume to your preference.
  • It pairs well with other speakers and enhances the quality of movies and music.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some users might need time to tweak the knobs to get the sound they want.
  • It might not be the best fit for larger rooms, based on the reviews.
  • The subwoofer’s effect on the overall sound could vary based on the accompanying sound system.

FAQs on Klipsch Subwoofer R-12SW

What is the range of the r12sw?

The range of the Klipsch R-12SW subwoofer is 29 to 120 Hertz. This means it can reproduce sounds from low rumbles to mid-range bass notes. This range allows you to feel the depth and energy of music and movie sounds.

How loud is Klipsch subwoofer?

Klipsch Subwoofer R-12SW is quite loud. Its digital amplifier can provide up to 400 watts of power. This makes the subwoofer capable of creating high volumes of sound without causing distortion. The exact loudness can also be adjusted using the gain control knob at the back of the subwoofer.

What is LFE on a Klipsch subwoofer?

LFE stands for Low-Frequency Effects. This is a special output used in surround sound formats. It’s designed to send the deep, rumbling sounds to the subwoofer. On the Klipsch R-12SW, turning the low-pass filter knob entirely to the right sets your subwoofer into LFE mode.

How many watts is a Klipsch subwoofer?

The Klipsch Subwoofer R-12SW can reach up to 400 watts. This high power output helps the subwoofer produce loud and clear bass notes. But, the average power it uses might be less, around 200 watts.

Should I use LFE setting on subwoofer?

Yes, you should use the LFE setting when watching movies. The LFE channel carries the big, booming sounds. So, using the LFE setting will make your movie-watching more enjoyable. You’ll feel like you’re in a theater.

Should I set my subwoofer mode to LFE or LFE and main?

Set your subwoofer mode based on your system setup. If your main speakers are small, choose LFE. If you have large speakers that can handle low frequencies, you can choose LFE and main. This will share the bass between your subwoofer and your main speakers.

What is the ideal subwoofer range?

The ideal subwoofer range depends on what you’re listening to. But, a good subwoofer should cover a range of about 20 to 200 Hertz. This range includes most low-frequency sounds you’ll hear in music and movies.

What is the smallest subwoofer in the world?

The smallest subwoofer in the world is the MicroVee by Velodyne. It measures 9 x 9 x 9.6 inches. The MicroVee can deliver high-quality bass sounds despite its small size, making it great for small rooms or tight spaces.


We’re now at the end. Perhaps you’ve chosen whether to buy Klipsch Subwoofer R-12SW speaker. If you haven’t, here’s one last nudge.

In terms of performance, the sound quality beats others in the same price range. Also, the frequency response is excellent. When you connect the sub using the LFE input, you get deep and clear bass. It doesn’t have WiFi, though, and it comes with a power cable.

In terms of design, the Klipsch R 12SW is strong and stylish, thanks to its brushed polymer body. There’s also a removable grille that shows the striking 12-inch copper driver.

So, if you need a subwoofer for your home theater setup, the R12SW will do the job. It’s great for movies, gaming, or anything else. It will deliver powerful bass without distortion.

The value of this subwoofer at this price point is hard to beat. It may have some small flaws, but overall, the R12SW is a great buy.